The Post-Evolution of Man

The mantelope of future Asian plains.What lies in man’s horizon? What is to become of the most advanced species on earth? Clearly, human beings are amazingly intelligent among animals with their great civilizations and continuously evolving technology. It is odd to think that we may evolve, that maybe we are not the end of the line. Personally, I have a conservative view on the issue, believing that man is a dead-end or at least near the tip of the branch. My opinion is that the human morphology doesn’t allow for much manipulation by normal means and that evolution has little effect on us since we no longer adapt, but make things adapt to us. It would require nuclear war, genetic annihilation, worldwide infertility, a super-plague, or an alien invasion to reduce us back to a species that nature can manage. With nuclear war and plague, I believe that humans would become simpler beings, not the high-tech superbeings often depicted in science fiction. Few would retain language or even tool-use; perhaps the last clasp of humanity will be a simple civilization born of a nuclear holocaust using oral stories to explain the bones of humans they find in the ground, the lost Gods and great creators. To be honest, not a big fan of post-humans as a concept but to illustrate, :).