Welcome to Speculative Evolution! This blog is devoted to the the discussion of speculative zoology, an open field that looks at the possibilities for the paths that life could have or might take given that certain events do or do not take place. The posts here will explore the possible routes of evolution that prehistoric fauna could have taken and that living organisms may take given at least a few million years. I may also delve into exobiology, the study of life on other planets.


As I do not have much professional expertise in evolutionary biology, some of my opinions may be inaccurate but, as far as I know, for my age I am well knowledgeable of the topic. Lots of predictions are made on this blog but I try my best to have some evidence as a basis for the hypotheses I make.

A little bit about me 

My name is Will Snyder and I am currently a freshman in high school. I have interest in science, technology, art and illustration, and music (especially rock and its many sub genres). The area of science I am most interested in is life science, or biology, with emphasis on evolution and zoology, or animals. I also enjoy playing video games on my computer or my Xbox 360. Thank you and I hope you like my blog.


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  1. After stumbling upon your site, I guessed you might wish to take a look at mine.

    Best wishes


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